Tips and Support

  1. Which is the difference between STANDARD and PREMIUM user?
  2. I made a request to become a PREMIUM user, when time will pass before being enabled to use the PREMIUM platform?
  3. I'm premium user, which are the other FAE Technology services available?
  4. I am a PREMIUM user, can FAE Technology manage my projects and estimates?
  5. Which information on PCB I need to insert to get a quote?
  6. Which PCB files I need to upload to receive my prototype?
  7. What happens if a problem is found in the documentation that I sent of the PCB?
  8. How can i add notes and comments to the file that i will provide?
  9. Which are the technical limitation on PCB features?
  10. I already have the PCB for my project, can I still order the production and assembly of the electronic board?
  11. What kind of file can I upload to the B.O.M. some materials?
  12. How can I speed up the search for components?
  13. I decided to provide some materials for the realization of the prototype, how can I send them to FAE TECHNOLOGY?
  14. I inserted some notes in my original Excel file in fields or columns, how can I send you my original project file?
  15. How many option can i have for the timing of my prototypes?
  16. I have selected a schedule, when will the actual processing days for my order begin?
  17. How long time my estimate is valid?
  18. Have I placed an order outside the standard working hours or on a public holiday, when it will actually be taken over by your technical department?
  19. What are the shipping costs of my order?
  20. How are my order shipped?
  21. What kind of guarantees does Fae Technology offer on shipments of assembled prototypes?
  22. I have selected the payment method with bank transfer, what do I have to do to pay my order?
  23. I have selected the payment method with a 30/60 days transfer what do I have to do to pay my order?
  24. I have entered and paid an order, where can I find the invoice for my order?